Homemade Birthday Card Ideas for Teachers

Updated February 21, 2017

Enjoy quality time with your children and show appreciation for their educators by making them homemade birthday cards. Whether they are handmade, computer-generated, edible or even musical, homemade birthday cards are a fun project for parents and children. For great results, personalise birthday card-making projects to fit the skills and interests of your student.

Handmade Cards

Show kids how to make cards with fancy paper, stamps, stencils and paints. Stencils, stamps and patterned paper are great tools to help even the smallest children make homemade birthday cards. Ask the children about their teacher's favourite colour or animal, and try to work those elements into the card design. Experiment with making your own stencils and paper for extra personalisation. Encourage students to think through their designs in pencil before cutting, painting or writing in ink to allow for changes.

Edible Cards

Bake your child's teacher a birthday card cookie or cake. Use a mould to make a specific shape your teacher will like, or personalise your birthday card treat with sprinkles, candies and messages in coloured icings. To help small children, look for pre-made decorations to fasten to the edible card. Double-check the spelling of the teacher's name before applying icing or sprinkles. Take into account the teacher's preferences and dietary restrictions.

Computer-designed Cards

Use digital pictures, clip art or art your child creates on the computer to make printable birthday greetings. Open up your favourite design program and experiment with different images and fonts. Test-print your design in black and white to avoid wasting expensive colour print cartridges. Skip printing altogether and design a card to e-mail. Test send the email to your own or a friend's e-mail address to make sure your card opens correctly. Some printable templates and cards available for free online (resources 2 and 3).

Musical Cards

Help your child select birthday-appropriate music and burn a birthday CD. Make your teacher a personalised CD and decorate its case with birthday wishes. Better yet, practice a birthday song, or a song the teacher, likes with your child and record your child singing it with your computer. Burn the track to a CD for the teacher. Make sure to give the teacher a track list so he knows what songs are on the CD, as well as who is singing them.

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