Cheerleader Face Paint Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Cheerleaders are responsible for demonstrating school spirit at sporting and other school events. To help make cheerleaders look the part, it is often a festive idea to use face paint. There are any number of appropriate designs and phrases for this task. Basic colours and designs make bold and spirited statements on a cheerleader’s face. Once you have settled on a design, accent the paint with glitter or stickers for a more colourful effect.

School Colors

Perhaps the easiest face paint option for cheerleaders is to paint the school colours. School colours can be incorporated into face paint designs with limited to no artistic ability. For example, draw lines under the eyes in alternating school colours. This trick is used to deflect sunlight off the eyes as well, so it is useful as well as decorative. You also can paint the whole face if desired with half one school colour and the other half the second school colour. To have some fun with this concept, paint the opposing team's school colours with a red ‘x’ through it.


Draw the school mascot on the cheerleaders with face paint. Simple is effective here; there is no need to paint intricate scenes unless you want to demonstrate your artistic skill. If you are not comfortable drawing the mascot by hand, try printing out a picture of the mascot and creating an easy-to-follow stencil. You can paint elements of the mascot instead of the entire image. For example, if the mascot is a wolf, instead of painting an entire wolf, paint a paw print. If the mascot is a knight, paint a sword instead.


Slogans and phrases are always good options for face paint. Some ideas are school mottos, the name of the school and the graduating year, or even just the name of the school mascot or team. You could also create event-specific slogans to paint on the face. For example, if your school mascot is the tiger and the opposing team’s mascot is a bear you could write “Go Tigers, Beat Bears.”

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