Craft Ideas With Wooden Hearts

Updated February 21, 2017

When love is in the air, fill your home with hearts by completing craft projects. Wood is a sturdy, customisable craft supply and ranges from flat cut-outs as thin as slices of paper to thick, hefty heart shapes. You’ll find inexpensive wooden hearts at craft stores and hobby shops in the wood aisle. Let your imagination, and heart, run free as you make wooden craft projects.

Photo Magnet

Any beginner crafter can glue a magnet onto the back of a wooden heart and stick it on the fridge, but you can take the craft a step further by turning the magnet into a wooden heart framed photo. Once you’ve selected your wooden heart, turn it face down on top of a photo (choose one you don’t mind cutting into, have saved electronically or have additional copies of). Trace the heart shape onto the photo, then cut out. Cut an additional quarter of an inch to half-inch off the edges of the photo so the wood will be visible. Before attaching the photo, you can choose to decorate the heart to match your refrigerator or kitchen with markers, paint or glitter. Add the photo to the front middle of the heart, the magnet to the back and place on the refrigerator for a much more personalised way to secure takeout menus and coupons.

Conversation Starters

You may get your fill of the chalky Necco candy conversation hearts sold every Valentine’s Day, but you can make your own custom hearts and messages to express your feelings. Wooden hearts of any size work for this project; achieve their pastel look with a couple of small bottles of wood paint in light colours such as mint green and carnation pink. If you’ve got a steady hand, you can hand-write the lettering on the conversation hearts. Otherwise, try stencils or tiny letter stickers. Instead of basic messages such as the familiar “Call Me” and now popular “Text Me,” add your own with your name, “I Love Dad,” “#1 Cat” or other phrase. Once they’re dry, the hearts may be piled into a bowl just like the candy, sent as greetings or used as home decor.

Mobile Love

Spread some love every time a little bit of wind passes through your room by making a wooden heart mobile. Mobiles are hanging structures that shift and twirl in the wind; they may be customised to just about any decor or room theme. To begin, paint your wooden hearts to match your room. Other options include covering them with matching leftover wallpaper or wrapping paper, leaving them in their natural state or drawing designs on them with glitter glue. Metal hangers from your closet make excellent mobile anchor; just tie the strings with the hearts to sections of the hanger and hook onto your closet door, curtain rack or a ceiling fixture. You’ve also got a few options on how to attach your hearts to the mobile arms. You can use a drill to add a small hole to the top of the heart, glue a hook to their backs or simply glue or tape the length of string, ribbon or beads attached to the arm directly to the heart.

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