House Plants That Aren't Poisonous to Cats

Updated April 17, 2017

Many cats like to nibble on plants and unfortunately, some are poisonous. As a result, some cat owners have resigned themselves to a life without plants in or around their homes. This doesn’t have to be the case, however, as there are a variety of plants that actually are safe for cats.

African Violets

African violets are a popular plant known for their fuzzy leaves and brightly-hued flowers. It makes an ideal houseplant, as it thrives in temperatures most humans prefer—about 18.3 to 29.4 degrees Celsius—according to Garden Guides. African violets do not require direct sunlight, but do need some indirect light. Many of these beautiful plants die as a result of over-watering. Avoid this by only watering the plants when the soil feels dry. If your cat decides to munch a bit on the flowers and leaves, it should cause no harm.

Spider Plant

Spider plants are grown indoors and are perfect for first-time pet owners. These plants do well in both pots and hanging baskets and usually only require a bit of watering for care. Spider plants produce “offspring” at the end of their stalks that can be planted in their own pots, once they grow roots. Spider plants should be kept near windows for light; however, keep them away from midday sun, warns Plant Care.

Thimble Cactus

The thimble cactus is a distinct-looking plant that is covered in spikes and would be impossible for most cats to nibble on. Fortunately, if any do manage to get through the daggers and gnaw on the plant, it most likely won’t poison them. Thimble cactuses can grow both indoors and outdoors and produce light-coloured flowers typically during the spring. Try to place your cactus in an area that the cat will not come in contact with the plant, as the spikes can hurt.


Begonias are popular plants that do well in the garden, in stationary pots, hanging pots and indoors. According to the Pet-Friendly House, they are also are non-poisonous to cats. Known for their green and chocolate-coloured leaves, begonias also bloom bright flowers in a few colours, including pink, yellow, white and red. Begonias can do well outdoors, but should be brought inside before the first frost.

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