The best dogs for running partners

Written by catherine hiles
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The best dogs for running partners
Among other breeds, golden retrievers make good running partners. (my golden retriever image by timur1970 from

Running or jogging is a great way to keep you and your dog fit, healthy and in shape. Not all dog breeds are good running partners. For example, a basset hound's legs are too short for distance running, and a Chihuahua is too small. Luckily, there are many active breeds that require daily exercise and can provide you with companionship while you run.

Border Collie

The border collie is a high-energy dog bred to herd sheep. Its herding instinct and endless energy often land it in trouble, especially if it has no outlet for its energy. One way of using up the border collie's physical energy is to jog with it as often as possible, according to Border Collie Rescue. The border collie's endless supply of energy makes it a good partner for endurance and long-distance runners.


The dalmatian's original purpose was to run under or alongside horse-drawn carriages, according to the Dog Breed Info Center. This dog has a great deal of stamina and energy and makes a good running partner. The Dalmatian tends to become destructive if not exercised sufficiently, so a daily walk, jog or run is necessary to keep you and your Dalmatian happy, healthy and out of trouble.

Golden Retriever

With its pleasant temperament and high energy level, the adult golden retriever makes a good running partner. Exercise is important for keeping a golden retriever happy and out of trouble. It is important not to force exercise such as running on a golden retriever younger than two years, according to the Golden Retriever Club of America, because its bone growth plates are still developing. Too much exercise such as running, jogging and biking can damage the growth plates, causing problems in later life.

Siberian Husky

The Siberian husky is a sled dog bred to run great distances on little food and rest. They have a reputation for escaping and getting into trouble if under-exercised, according to the Siberian Husky Club of America. A daily run with a Siberian husky can help drain some of the dog's endless energy and may help prevent some of its more undesirable behaviours, such as digging. Siberians are bred to pull sleds so may require extensive training before being able to run alongside you.


The Weimaraner is a hunting dog bred in Germany to find, point and track game. It is able to hunt and run for up to six hours per day, according to the Tarheel Weimaraner Club in North Carolina. Daily exercise is required to ensure a content Weimaraner. Activities such as running, biking, hiking and swimming all serve to tire out the Weimaraner and keep it happy. For the owner wishing to bond with his Weimaraner, running or jogging could be a good solution for both.

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