The best organic brands of multivitamins

Updated July 13, 2018

According to the Organic Consumers Association, most off-the-shelf multivitamins are synthetic and contain unnatural additives, fillers and dyes; even supplements labelled "natural" often contain chemical traces. Conversely, organic---or "whole food"---multivitamins are composed entirely of chemical-free, food-based ingredients. A variety of consumer organisations list their own organic multivitamin recommendations, but your individual needs determine the "best" brand of organic multivitamins for you.

New Chapter

New Chapter is an organic nutrient company that focuses on fully organic "supplemental food" composed of naturally occurring vitamin, mineral and herb complexes. The company's multivitamin line, Whole-Food Multis, targets various consumers at different stages of life, including blends for women and men. A One Daily formula for women targets stress, the immune system and bone health, while the men's One Daily focuses on energy, heart health and immune support. For more specific multipurpose vitamins, targeted blends cater to stress reduction, immune system support, bone health, vision support, energy maintenance, regular digestion and healthy pregnancy. All varieties of these vitamins consist of whole food organic complexes, minerals and herbs, such as artichokes, raspberries, broccoli, kale and cultured probiotics. Green Living website Natural News gives New Chapter's Multi line its Editor's Choice Award for Best Multivitamin; these vitamins also topped the website's Reader's Choice Awards for Best Multivitamin in 2009.

Doctor Greens

Doctor Greens uses organic ingredients to produce a line of multivitamins. The company's All-In-One Greens Multivitamin Tablets---also available in powder form---feature vitamins A, C, D3, E, K, B6, B12 and more, in quantities well above the recommended daily value. These vitamins target energy, stress, joint health, immune support, stress reduction and vision health. They also contain 115 natural ingredients, such as pomegranate, goji, resveratrol, lutein, glucosamine, digestive enzymes and probiotics. Doctor Greens Four-A-Day Multivitamin Tablets employ 65 ingredients such as pomegranate, hawthorn berry, milk thistle, ginger, lycopene, goji, grape seed and turmeric, to support areas such as bioavailability, digestion, bones, circulation, vision and the immune system. Consumer ranking website Best Multivitamins, features Doctor Greens multivitamins on its list of Best Organic/Whole Food Multivitamins.


MetaOrganic---formerly known as Botani Organics---offers multivitamins composed of 100 per cent synthetic free, ethically farmed and naturally occurring ingredients. The company's Multiple Nutrient and Herbal label contains all-organic materials, such as rice germ, resveratrol, Terminalia arjuna, Emblica officnalis, Lilium polyphyllum and Aquilaria agallocha. This multivitamin supplement uses herbal phytonutrients to target general optimal health. MetaOrganics also manufactures Kidfit Children's Daily Multi-Botanical, containing nutmeg, basil, Bucopa monnieria leaf, Terminalia arjuna bark, Ficus carica fruit and other organic ingredients. The non-profit grassroots Organic Consumer Association ranks MetaOrganics at the top of its list of recommended companies.

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