Types of grumman canoes

Updated November 21, 2016

Grumman canoes have existed since the end of World War II, when the former aircraft maker decided to use their aircraft fabrication techniques to manufacture a lightweight canoe, using aluminium materials, according to the All About Canoes website. Since then, Grumman has built a reputation for creating high-quality canoes for a variety of different water conditions, such as rivers and lakes.

Solo Double-End

Grumman's Solo Double-End canoe model, also known as the G-129 Solo, is a single person option for canoe enthusiasts. The aluminium canoe is 12 feet, 9 inches in length, with a maximum weight capacity of 265kg. and an overall body weight of 20kg., according to the Marathon Boat Group. Paint options for the Solo model include Olive Drab paint, optional blue, green, and red paint. Prices for the Solo Grumman Canoe start at £664 (as of 2010).

13-Foot Double-End

The 13-foot Double-End canoe is a mid-size choice for one or two persons. Also known as the G-1340C, the 13-foot Double-End has a maximum weight load of 265kg. and empty weighs only 22.7kg., according to the Marathon Boat Group The reduced weight of the canoe is achieved because it is constructed completely of aluminium materials. Consumers can select Olive Drab paint, blue, green, or red paint when purchasing their canoe. Prices for this canoe start at £679 (2010 prices).

15- Foot Double End

Grumman´s longest mid-range canoe is the 15-foot Double End canoe, which is used to transport one person. This canoe comes in two different options, the G-1540C, which is the lightweight model weighing around 26.8kg., and the G-1550C standard weighing 31.3kg., according to the Marathon Boat Group. Both are capable of holding a weight capacity of 295kg. when in the water. Color options for the canoe include Olive Drab, blue, green, and red. Prices for this canoe size start at £744 (2010 prices).

17-Foot Double-End

Designed for two persons, the 17-foot Double-End canoe made by Grumman is a larger choice for consumers. The canoe comes in three different designs; the G-1740C, which is the lightweight version (29.9kg.), the G-1750C standard (34kg.), and the G-1750CSK Shallow Draft (36.7kg.).. All three choices come in Olive Drab, blue, green, and red colours. The maximum weight all three canoes can hold is 340kg. The cost for this size of canoe starts at £763 (in 2010 prices).

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