General nursing outpatient duties

Written by horacio garcia | 13/05/2017
General nursing outpatient duties
Outpatients nurses work with patients not in the hospital (nursing duties image by Pix by Marti from

A nurse who has outpatient duties can be involved in several types of employment. They are generally registered nurses (RNs) who decide to work with patients outside the hospital. They may work for home-health-care facilities or hospices. Most of their duties are short-term.

Home Health Care

An outpatient nurse can work with patients in their homes. They ensure the patient is taking his or her medications, take pulse and blood pressure, and document the status of each patient assigned to them. Many of these RNs work for agencies that provide home health care.

Hospice Duty

RNs working with outpatients can be called on to help people who have decided to go home when they have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Their duties include checking on the patient at assigned times or days, giving the patient medications to relieve pain and making the patient as comfortable as possible. The RN works closely with the doctor assigned to the patient and reports any concerns or medical problems found during visits.

Private Nursing

An RN can work for an individual as a private nurse. The RN serves this one patient every day for a set amount of time. The RN changes dressings, hands out medications and checks the patient's vital signs, as well as documents any medical findings to the doctor.

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