Top 10 fastest growing careers

Updated April 17, 2017

Every individual has divergent passions and interests in life and often, the career choice we make is reflective of such preferences. Choosing a career for the future should involve several factors, such as the nature of the work, the work environment, the income level, growth opportunities and the work-life balance. Today, a variety of career options are available to us; some of the fastest-growing careers are listed in this article.

Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst

This career option is bound to grow as businesses realise the need to implement newer technologies, set up network systems at workplaces and monitor efficiencies.

Physical Therapist

A career as a physical therapist is a rewarding option in the U.S. Moreover, this field is expected to grow rapidly as the number of individuals with limited physical abilities and the population of ageing baby boomers continue to grow.

Reserach Analyst

To support the marketing efforts of any business, thorough research is essential. Therefore, there is a growing demand for research analysts to ensure that marketing dollars are spent effectively and are directed at the proper target audience. Researchers who survey public opinion will also be in increasing demand.


Pet owners are on the lookout for quality care for their furry members of the family. Advances in the industry allow vets to provide services like blood transfusions, preventive dental care and cancer treatments. Consequently, the need for such professionals is increasing as, meanwhile, admission to veterinary schools remains competitive.

Fitness Trainer

With more and more people aware of entertainment and fashion, the desire to look good and stay fit is immense and growing. Moreover, the ageing population of the baby boomers is becoming increasingly conscious about health and fitness. These factors make the job of a fitness and aerobics trainer a fast-growing one.

Dental Hygienist

People are increasingly realising the need for preventive dental care, and the demand for hygienists offering high-end dental services and facilities is continuing to grow.

Social Worker

Increasing awareness and concern have made people in the developed world reach out to the poor or the distressed to ease their sufferings. Even governments have taken the initiative to reward the people and the organisations working in the field of social welfare by giving them special incentives. A career as a social worker is a good choice for the future.

Pharmacy Technician

A career as a pharmacy technician is one to consider. The increasing number of elderly people using prescription drugs and advances in science and medicine ensure that the demand for pharmacy technicians will be growing.

Financial Analyst

With the recent scams involving various financial and other institutions, the need for quality auditing, financial analysis and advising has become apparent. The financial industry is growing in both size and complexity, and so is the demand for qualified financial analysts.

Software Engineer

Computer networking is continuing to grow, and computer professionals with strong skills in programming, systems analysis and business skills will be in high demand.

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