Edible Bible Crafts for Children

Written by mary davis
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Edible Bible Crafts for Children
Creating edible crafts makes an enjoyable learning experience for children. (two little cooks image by NiDerLander from Fotolia.com)

Children learn in different ways. Hearing, seeing, touching and being active are some ways that help children remember a lesson. Crafts make learning seem like playing to children. Bible crafts enhance lessons by providing a creative outlet for children while instilling a Christian truth in their minds. Edible crafts are a hit with children, whether they are allowed to taste while creating or make a craft to take home.

Jelly Bean Serpent

Help teach the story of Adam and Eve creating the first sin at the urging of the serpent. The kids can push jelly beans onto a chenille stem, then fold over both ends to keep the candy from slipping off. For younger children, make a hole in each jelly bean with a toothpick before the children begin their crafts.

Edible Bible Crafts for Children
Jelly beans and chenille stems make an easy serpent craft. (multi coloured jelly beans image by JJAVA from Fotolia.com)

Finger Paint a Rainbow

When Noah brought his family and all the animals out of the ark, God made a promise to never again flood the entire world. He placed a rainbow in the sky as a reminder of His promise. Kids can finger paint a tasty rainbow picture. Use sturdy butcher paper as the backing for the pictures. Pour some white syrup on each child's paper and let the children squeeze a few drops of food colouring to create one of the rainbow colours. When they have formed part of a rainbow with one colour, have them use a different colour. Repeat with all the rainbow colours. Allow the children to taste the "paints" while they work on their crafts.

Lollipop Crown

For a Bible story about King David or other kings, make an easy lollipop crown. Cut a strip of corrugated craft cardboard to fit around each child's head. Have the kids use squeeze-on paints or other craft materials to decorate their crowns. Kids may then push the stick of colourful lollipops through top of the corrugated cardboard, leaving the candy part sticking out. The candy will look like jewels in the royal crown.

Edible Bible Crafts for Children
A jewelled crown is easy to make for any age child. (party crown image by dana nicolescu from Fotolia.com)

Prayer Gifts

Teach children the importance of praying for others. Show the kids how a twisted pretzel looks like arms that are folded in prayer. The kids can put a few pretzel twists into a small paper or plastic bag. Have children colour or decorate a printed verse card that says, "I fold my arms in prayer for you." Staple or tape a verse card to the front of each bag. Make this a "sharing" craft by having the children may more than one prayer gift, then take them to a nursing home, visit shut-ins, or simply visit another class and distribute the gifts.

Fish in the Sea

Help kids spoon some blue, pre-set gelatin cubes into a small plastic zipper bag. Close the bags and let the kids squish the bags to make the gelatin look like the sea. Pour the "sea" gelatin into cups. Let the kids put some gummy fish into the sea, and eat for a snack. Use the craft for any of the fish stories in the Bible.

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