Home remedies for dogs to stop itching and scratching

Updated November 21, 2016

Itchiness and scratching in dogs happens quite often and for a variety of reasons, including fleas and mites, scabies, allergies and diseases. Over-the-counter antihistamines can reduce itching and inflammation. However, many home remedies are available to provide your dog relief.

Epsom salt

A cool bath with a couple of teaspoons of Epsom salt should relieve your dog from itchy skin. Try to let the dog soak in the bathtub for at least 15 minutes and do not allow him to drink the water.


If you do not have Epsom salt, add plain oatmeal to your dog's cool bath water. Oatmeal helps relieve dryness and soothes itchiness. You also can apply cool water mixed with oatmeal directly to the dog's skin. Let the oatmeal stay on for approximately 10 minutes and then rinse off.


Dissolve two aspirin tablets in 18 ml (1 tbsp) of rubbing alcohol. Mix 240 ml (1 cup) of warm water with a tea bag. Combine the two mixtures and allow to cool. Apply the mixture with a cotton ball to the dog's skin. If there is a certain spot that is particularly bothering the dog, shave the area and apply the mixture directly.

Apple cider vinegar

Soak a clean towel in apple cider vinegar and apply to the dog's skin and coat.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil can be purchased online or at a health-food store. It should be applied by brush or sprayed on and is an antiseptic used to remove allergens from the dog's coat. The oil can be applied daily as needed.

Unscented fish oil

Unscented fish oil comes in liquid or capsule forms and can be purchased at most health-food stores. It can be applied topically to the dog's skin by brushing it on the dog's coat. Fish oil hydrates the skin, which should help reduce itching. Scented fish oil also can be used, but it has a harsh odour.

Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E can be purchased in capsule form at a health-food store or online. Cut the capsule and apply the oil directly to the dog's coat. Vitamin E has strong moisturising properties, which help to nourish the dog's skin.

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