Cheap wall covering ideas

Updated April 13, 2018

Decorating your home is a fun way to express your creativity. If you are on a tight budget or just looking for ways to save a few pennies, consider alternate ideas for interior design. Covering your walls is one way to update the look of your decor. If you are on a tight budget, consider some cheap wall covering ideas.


Use fabric to cover your walls in an inexpensive way. There are a multitude of fabrics to choose from. Buy fabric that is inexpensive as you will need a fair amount of it to do the job. Just measure the amount of fabric that you will need to cover the space. Use starch to apply it to the walls. The nice thing about this idea is that the fabric is easily removed to update your room.

Paper bags

An interesting way to cover your walls is with brown paper bags. To do so, apply wallpaper paste and hang them up on the wall. An alternate idea is to hang decorative book covers on your walls using wallpaper paste. Each project is easy to do by yourself or with some help. Remember, it does not have to be perfect; rather, aim for it to be eclectic and quirky.


Use wooden letters on your wall to create words or initials and personalise your space. Either buy wood letters and paint them yourself or purchase them already painted. Choose colours that coordinate with the decor of your room. Another option is to cover the wall with an inspirational quote.The quote can take up the entire wall if you like.

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