Nursery Garden Ideas

Updated July 20, 2017

A nursery is defined as a place in which vegetables, flowers, and other plants are produced, fostered, or developed. A plant nursery is where people usually buy newly grown plants that can be transplanted into their own garden. Preparing your own nursery garden can be a great way to start plants from seeds and nurture them in your own garden.

Nursery Housing Ideas

Nursery plants usually need a safe place to grow, free of scorching sun, drowning rains, and other harsh weather elements. Many nursery gardens are housed under commercial canopies, high tunnels, or personal greenhouses. This can help to shade plants and help them grow in a climate-controlled space, increasing their chances for survival. Place your nursery house somewhere in the backyard that will be accessible but also safe from harsh conditions. Such shelters are available for purchase online.

You may create a simple shelter by constructing a greenhouse made of PVC pipe that bends so that one end of a four foot pvc pipe is strong enough to stake into the ground. Set up four to six PVC pipes that should be set up one foot apart with clear visqueen-type plastic covering the "ribs" of the greenhouse. Make sure that the plastic is not greenhouse plastic, which is stiffer than the plastic you will be using. The shelter will be around three feet high and cover your plants effectively during severe weather.

Pick Your Nursery Plants

Picking what plants you would like to grow can be exciting, but it can be hard to know what will grow best in your backyard. Understandably, plants will grow best in their native climates, such as tropical plants growing best in humid, hot areas. Choose native plants that are found locally. Also pick plants that will do best if you are planning to transplant the flowers and plants to an outside environment, choosing plants that will not need continuous care. Visit your local garden store to determine what plants will do best in your nursery. Plant seeds or seedlings in individual pots, and using a wooden tongue depressor, write the name of the plant and stick it in the pot's soil to later identify the plant.

Organise Your Nursery Plants

Organise your nursery by lining plants up, row by row. You can post signs over the specific seedlings planted. Another idea is to plant in corresponding coloured pots that help to distinguish plants from each other.

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