How to Build Your Own Fruit Cage

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Fruit cages protect growing fruit from various pests and bugs. Fruit cages are lightweight and are covered with bug netting to keep even the smallest of flies away from the fruit. Various types of fruit flies are the biggest threat to fruit.

These pests can destroy a crop overnight be eating the fruit and laying their eggs in it. Build a simple fruit cage using PVC pipes and joints and mesh netting. Fruit cages made from PVC are lightweight enough to be lifted over the crop by one person.

Glue the ends of each 60-inch pipe into the top two holes of each corner joint. You will have a 60-inch-by-60-inch PVC square with all the open holes on the joints facing up.

Glue the ends of each 72-inch pipe into the last open hole on each 3-way corner joint. You have four 72-inch pipes that are vertical to the ground. These are the posts to your fruit cage, and your cage is currently upside-down.

Glue the end caps on the open ends of each 72-inch pipe. The end caps are the feet to your cage. Turn your cage upright so the square frame is on top of the posts and so the posts are resting on the end caps.

Hold the 65-inch-by-65-inch sheet on top of the frame so the edges of the mesh are flush with the outside of each pipe. You will need an extra set of hands to tightly pull the sheet. Poke zip ties through the mesh and tie them around the pipes. Space the zip ties 6 inches apart. This is the mesh roof to your fruit cage.

Position the 80-inch edges of two 72-inch-by-80-inch mesh sheets against one 72-inch pole. These are two walls to your cage and they will be fastened at a right angle to each other. You should have 6 inches of excess mesh on all sides including the ground. Tie both of these mesh sheets to the 72-inch post using ten zip ties. One of these sheets will be tied to the 72-inch post on the left, and the other will be tied to the 72-inch post on the right. Repeat this process using the last two sheets on the post that is cater-cornered from the one you started on. Tie each pair of sheets to the empty posts so the entire cage is covered.

Set your cage over the fruit you are growing.