50th Birthday Gifts for Your Wife

Updated March 23, 2017

When a woman turns 50, she may need for you shower her with attention. Let your wife know that you love her still and that you think of her as a vibrant partner in your life and your heart. Turn her birthday into a day that keeps her grounded in the joyous moment of celebration. With your attentive devotion, your wife will neither regret her younger years nor will she dread the future.


Most women appreciate fine jewellery and they appreciate the men who give them a beautiful piece of jewellery. Give your wife a diamond-studded key on a gold or platinum chain. Tell her she still has the key to your heart--that you want her to remember that every time she touches the key around her neck. (See Resources 1)


A woman's 50th birthday can feel like a turning point in her life. Plan ahead for a trip to a destination that will put that light you love in her eyes. You don't have to go far, but you can if you like. Whisk her away to a secluded cabin for a romantic weekend. Give her your gift when you arrive. Prepare the cabin in advance with gourmet groceries, candles, a music source and logs for the hearth. Let her know the days ahead belong to her and you want only to serve her.

Dream Gifts

Many women spend their earlier yeas of marriage and motherhood preparing their children for the world. When your wife has devoted her attention to her family, devote your attention to her on her 50th birthday. Remodel a room or build a studio for her interest, such as painting, photography or writing. Include your family in the surprise. Give her, for example, a new camera and supplies or software for working with digital images.

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