Types of ladies' shirt collars

Written by meredith jameson | 13/05/2017
Types of ladies' shirt collars
This is an example of a point collar. (blue shirt on wooden hanger image by GoodMood Photo from Fotolia.com)

A collar refers to the area around the neckline on a shirt or sweater, and several kinds of collars exist in women's clothing. Different collars make shirts or sweaters appear to be casual, dressy or sport-like. Some collar types are more common on women's clothing and some types are found on clothing for both men and women. It can be helpful to be knowledgeable about different collar types.

Point collars

Standard collars that have a slightly pointed edge and can be worn standing up, folded over or laid flat against the shirt are called point collars. These collars are also known as "Johnny Collars" or "Lacoste Collars." These are also common on dress shirts for women. Point collars can be found on sports shirts, short-sleeved shirts, sweaters and jackets.

Peter Pan Collar

Collars that have pieces of material that lie flat against the top and have soft, rounded edges are often referred to as a "Peter Pan" collar. The collar opening may be a V-neck or round and it may or may not have buttons. This type of collar is more common on dress shirts and sweaters.


Turtleneck collars are pieces of fabric that are part of the top that extend upwards against the throat. The fabric can be folded down upon itself to create a band of material around the throat, or it may be pushed down slightly on the throat to create a slightly gathered look. Turtlenecks come in a wide variety of fabrics and are found on dress tops, casual shirts and sweaters. These collars are commonly worn in the wintertime due to their ability to help keep the wearer warm.

Button-down Collar

Collars that can be buttoned down at the tips are known as button-down collars. These collars originated in the United States. Button-down collars are most common on cotton, satin or silk dress shirts. The buttons holding down the collar flaps help keep the shirt collar looking crisp.

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