Van Shelving Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Vans are useful for contractors working in home repair, painting, plumbing, carpet installation and other skilled trades. Organising your tools in a van can be a challenge. Installing shelving can help you safely store tools and equipment, while allowing easy access to everything you need to do your work.

Utility Shelving

Utility shelving can be constructed from metal or wood and is similar to the modular shelving common in basements and garages. You can set up as many shelves as you like, and can fit, along with drawers and pegboards. You can leave space under the shelving for bins and other storage containers.

Sliding ladder rack

If you use your van for home repair or painting, having a place to store your ladders is a must. With a sliding ladder rack you can store these ungainly tools easily and out of the way. The rack is built on the floor, wall or ceiling of the van and the ladder slides in horizontally. More shelving can be built on top of this rack.

Tool cabinet

Mounting a tool cabinet inside your van can give you all of the storage and versatility of a workshop while being mobile. If you already have a tool cabinet, you can get a mounting kit or have it installed professionally. Installing a tool cabinet on one wall of your van also leaves more open space for odd storage or more shelving.

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