Small bedroom ideas for teens

Written by andrea hermitt | 13/05/2017
Small bedroom ideas for teens
A small bedroom can be a challenge. (bedroom image by Jorge Casais from

Teens need a lot of space to stretch out, but bedrooms are rarely big enough. Creativity is a must to fit everything a teen needs into a small bedroom. Choosing the right furniture—such as the right bed and lots of storage—will make your task of decorating a small bedroom easier.

Loft Beds

Think "college dorm" and loft your bed to maximise space as college students do. Use loft bed furniture or a loft kit to raise a bed off the ground and slide a dresser or desk underneath it. You can also transform the space into a closet or reading and media area with shelves and a comfortable chair.


Small bedroom ideas for teens
Use shelves instead of freestanding furniture. (magnificent shelf image by terex from

Replace desks, tables and nightstands with mounted shelves to carve out more space in a room. Shelves placed around the top of the room can hold books and trinkets. A table mounted at counter height makes a great desk when paired with a stool. Install a shelf next to the bed or just above it for a lamp, radio and other bedside items.

Modular Furniture

Get the look of expensive built-in furniture using modular bedroom furniture. Modular furniture is constructed in uniform sizes that allow stacking and nesting of items to create a compact design. You can rearrange the modular furniture as your teen's needs change to create a new room design.

Colour Schemes

Small bedroom ideas for teens
Keep colours nuetral in a small room. (bedroom image by Leonid Nyshko from

Paint the room in light colours to maximise the space. Use multiple shades of the same colour to create a unique design without visually breaking up the space. Purchase furniture items the same colours as the walls to make the room appear even bigger.

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