Ideas for a 60th wedding anniversary cake

Updated April 17, 2017

It's your job to purchase or make a perfect yet original cake in honour of a couple's 60th wedding anniversary. You can A: run, screaming in terror from the pressure. Or B: take out a pen and paper and get creative. Assuming you're ready to compile a few ideas, it's time to think outside the box. One of the simplest ideas for a 60th anniversary cake is to personalise it with the couple's favourite activities.

Double Hearts

Celebrate a 60th wedding anniversary with a lemon-flavoured, double heart-shaped cake. The double hearts represent two lives becoming one. Frost the cake with raspberry-flavoured whipped cream and use red decorating gel to draw 60 hearts on the cake. Number each heart to represent each year the couple have shared in marriage.

Memory Cake

Make a multi-tiered, edible masterpiece out of white cake with blackberry jam filling. Decorate the cake with black-and-white edible photos of the couple's 60 years together. Circle each tier with yellow buttercream roses and use the yellow buttercream to draw lattice work between the photos.

Gold Watch

Carve yellow cake into the shape of a pocket watch. Frost it with gold-tinted buttercream frosting. Use black decorating gel to add years to the face of the "clock" instead of hours. Add hands to the face of the "clock" pointing to 60 years.

Diamond Cake

Diamond jewellery is a classic gift for a 60th anniversary. Cut a square, layered chocolate cake into the shape of a diamond. Use a peanut butter-flavoured filling to separate the layers. Cover the cake with white fondant and edible silver glitter to mimic the sparkles cast off by a diamond.

Lifetime Together

Use chocolate modelling clay and fondant to create 3-D images portraying the couple meeting, getting married, having children and their expanded family on a chiffon cake. Use bright colours to show the passing of time was joyous. Top the cake with a giant "60."

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