Funky Curtain Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Window treatments are a quick way to drastically change a room in your home. Curtains dress up your windows and also shield you and the room from light and provide privacy. If you are bored with the look of your home, perhaps consider adding funky curtains to your windows. If your child or teenager would like a new look for her bedroom, unusual curtains with some style are a simple way to create it.

Tie Dye

A quick and cost-effective funky curtain idea is to tie dye white sheets. It's hard to find tie-dye sheets in stores. This is an excellent idea for a kid's room or any retro room. You can even tie die the sheets with your kids. There are multiple ways to dye them, but the most common method is to use a sheet, rubber bands and dye. Use the rubber bands to scrunch the sheets to make the patterns before dyeing them.

Sari Fabric

Add a touch of Southeast Asia in your home by using sari fabric as curtains. Purchase them already made or make them yourself. Sari fabric is semi-sheer and always comes in vibrant colours, such as red, orange and purple. Sari fabric often has gold accents as well. To make the window treatments even funkier, use sari fabric in multiple colours for curtains.

Animal Print

Animal print fabric is a perfect addition to any home interior. Some ideas for animal prints are zebra, giraffe and tiger prints. Zebra prints are one of the best to use. The colours are generally black and white. While animal prints are often used in small doses in interior design, add a large dose of animal prints by hanging funky animal print curtains in your windows.

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