Consultant Pharmacist Requirements

A consultant pharmacist is a pharmacist whose job is to act as a professional consultant to other professionals. These pharmacists provide advice to other doctors, hospitals and even to individual patients who hire them as consultants. There are, however, few requirements to be a consulting pharmacist that are above and beyond those needed to be a regular pharmacist.


The first requirement that a consultant pharmacist has to meet is the degree. All pharmacists have to earn a Pharm.D. degree if they train in the United States. This degree is a four-year program, and before students are allowed to participate in the program, they typically have to go through two years of job-specific study. Some students may earn an actual bachelor's degree, and then get their Pharm.D. degree as a postgraduate degree.


Once a student has got the necessary degree to be a pharmacist, he then has to get his pharmaceutical license. To even take the exam, an individual must have earned his Pham.D. degree from an accredited program. After that, in North America, he will take the North American Pharmacist License Exam. If he passes this exam, he will be allowed to become a practicing pharmacist in North America.

Other Requirements

A consulting pharmacist should have some other qualifications as well. For instance, a consulting pharmacist should have some experience in the field to prove that she knows just what she's advising her clients about. Additionally, a consulting pharmacist should be able to take very scientific ideas and explain them in plain language to her clients, so that the ways drugs act on the body or interact with each other can be more easily understood by those who don't have medical knowledge.

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