Ideas for a 7th wedding anniversary

Updated February 21, 2017

Celebrate your seventh wedding anniversary with gifts that include the anniversary's symbols. Choose from such traditional gifts as wool and copper or such modern items as desk sets and brass. The gift you choose or the way you decide to celebrate your seventh anniversary should reflect you and your spouse, and the way you feel about each other.


Give your husband a wool sweater, vest, socks, gloves or a wool blanket large enough for two. Present your wife with seven wool roses, as well as a wool sweater-dress, skirt or scarf.

Choose a gift you both can enjoy, such as a wool carpet or tapestry for your home. Take a trip to a colder place if you live in a warmer climate, or if your anniversary falls during a warm month. Use wool clothing to keep warm during your trip. Take a trip to New Zealand, which is known for its wool production.


Give your spouse jewellery, such as a copper ring, pendant, cufflinks, bracelet or earrings. Select copper cookware, artwork, statues, figurines or anniversary picture frames for a gift you both can enjoy. Display your copper anniversary gift in your home to remind you of your seventh anniversary.

Visit Utah's Kennecott Copper Mine, which is the largest copper mine in the world, or Copper Mountain, Colorado. Depending on the season, you may be able to use your wool blankets and sweaters at Copper Mountain's ski resort.

Desk Sets

Buy a desk set for your spouse that matches his home or office workspace. Choose a type of wood that complements his desk and personality. For instance, if he enjoys large, clunky furniture, select a large desk set. If he doesn't have an office job, give him a wooden box filled with chocolates. After the chocolates are gone, he can keep change or small miscellaneous items in the box. If he enjoys an orderly work area, give him a desk set that includes such useful items as pens, pencils, a letter opener and scissors. Give him a leather desk caddie and matching briefcase.


Select brass gifts if you don't like copper. Give your wife such brass items as statues, art, jewellery or kitchen items. Give her a brass instrument if she knows how to play or intends to learn. Treat your wife to dinner and a show--buy tickets to a local brass band performance. For a more lavish gift, take a vacation and attend such events as the Chicago Brass Festival.

Alternative Ideas

Black onyx is the stone associated with the seventh anniversary. Give your spouse jewellery, artwork, figurines or picture frames that are made with black onyx. Combine seventh anniversary symbols--give your loved one a statue or a piece of jewellery that incorporates black onyx and brass or copper.

Give your spouse a jack-in-the-pulpit--the seventh anniversary flower--in a brass or copper planter.

Plan a seven-day trip, vacation or cruise--let each day represent a year of your marriage. Give your spouse seven gifts for your anniversary; one to represent each year you've been married. For example, surprise your loved one with a trip, a wool sweater, a copper statue, a desk set, a brass ring, black onyx earrings and a jack-in-the-pulpit. In addition to giving your loved one a present for each year of marriage, such gifts also incorporate all the seventh anniversary symbols.

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