Laundry room flooring ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

The laundry room is an often overlooked nook within a home; however, the right type of flooring can turn a boring laundry room into a more stylish functional space. Carpeting is not a good choice because, if your washer ever leaks, mould is more likely to develop in the carpet. Select hard flooring such as tile or linoleum to suit your personal preferences.

Install Linoleum

Linoleum is an affordable sensible option for a no-nonsense laundry room. If you just want something basic, choose this type of flooring. Linoleum is durable and simple to maintain. If you seal the linoleum properly, leaks are not a problem; however, if there are cracks or other problems, leaks cause the floor to warp and ripple.

Install Tile

If tile is your choice, select tiles that complement the overall decor in your laundry room. Select large marbled tiles with various colours blended in one tile, or combine two different tiles to create a checkerboard look. Black and white tiles or light brown and dark brown are simple checkerboard-style tiles. Tile is ideal in a laundry room because it is durable and simple to keep clean; however, tile is more expensive than many other types of flooring.

When laying tile, always be certain there are no cracks on the edges of the tile or the floor to prevent water from leaking under the tiles if your washing machine is ever overloaded with soap.

Install Wood

If you must have wood floors, place a rug down to protect the floors and take care of leaks immediately to preserve the integrity of the wood. Bamboo and hemp are other flooring options that are beneficial for the environment. These floors are also very stylish for a laundry room, although they require more maintenance and care than some other options.

Install Concrete

A concrete floor is another option, yet these types of floors become cold more easily, so putting a rug down on this type of floor is essential. You can do many things with concrete flooring. The initial floors in your basement or laundry are usually already concrete, but this depends on when your house was built. If the concrete is already in place, you can paint it a solid colour or add textured paint to make the floors slip-proof.

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