Party Games for Kids Age 9

Updated July 19, 2017

Hosting a party for 9-year-olds comes with its challenges. You need the proper atmosphere, food and entertainment to provide the kids with a fun party. So when planning the party, if you provide the kids a few games that keep them occupied, you can avoid any headaches and enjoy yourself during the event as well.

Big Foot Relay

Prepare for the game by first finding some empty shoeboxes. If you like, you can paint them in bright colours. Tape the lids to the boxes and then cut out a hole in the middle of the lid. Make the hole large enough for a kid to put his foot through but small enough so that his foot doesn't slip out of it when he runs. Give each of the players a shoebox, and have them slip the boxes on their feet. Divide the players into two teams, and line them up behind a starting point. The first players in each team have to race to the finish line at the opposite side of the play area and back again. Once the players return, the next players in line perform the same act. When all of the players in one team have finished this task and have all lined up behind the starting point, that team wins the game.


Gather the kids in a circle and have all of them lie their heads down on someone else's back. Tell all of the players that the game requires them to refrain from laughing or smiling. Assign a player the task of starting first. He has to say the phrase, "Ha" in as solemn a tone as possible. The person next to him then has to say "Ha ha." As this process continues, players get disqualified for giggling. The last person to remain lying on the floor without having laughed throughout the game wins.


Prepare for this indoor game by first scouring through your closet to find items the kids can slip on over their clothes. Items like hats, scarves, coats and sunglasses work well. Place the pile of clothing and accessories onto the floor of the play area. Divide the players into two teams--Team A and Team B. Have Team A put the clothing items on themselves and let Team B take a 30-second look once they've dressed up. Then, have Team B leave the room. Team A now has to switch the clothing items amongst themselves in as subtle a way as possible. Have Team B come back to the room when Team A has finished, and tell them to point out any differences they see. Once Team B has guessed, the two teams switch places and now Team B has to dress up. Whichever team guesses the most differences correctly wins the game.

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