Ideas to celebrate mom's 50th birthday

Updated April 17, 2017

Mom's 50th birthday is a milestone and worthy of a celebration. She has come far and deserves to have a fuss made. Gifts are always appreciated, but consider looking beyond the traditional to show your admiration. Instead of having a small dinner, throw a theme party, plan a special trip, or help her achieve something she always wanted to do.

Theme Parties

Theme parties are exciting for the guest of honour--and the guests involved. If you are not sure where to start, nationally known event planner Colin Cowie says, "Choose a theme and a colour palette, then write down all of you ideas and proposed costs, and then decide which is going to give you the most impact within your budget." You can throw a roaring '50s party and ask everyone to dress in poodle skirts or leather jackets. Include a jukebox and play the favourite music of that ear. Don't forget the milkshakes and burgers. Pick your mom's favourite decade and focus the theme on it. If she was a big Donna Summer fan during the 1970s, throw her a disco party. Fill the room with disco balls and "Saturday Night Fever" posters. Tell guests to dress in bell-bottoms and platform shoes.

Special Trip

Trips are a great way to help mom celebrate. Send her on a train ride across the country or to a quaint bed and breakfast. Give her a trip to her favourite theme park with the family. Even better, let her and dad have a trip to themselves on a relaxing island. If you want to stay closer to home, take her on an instate road trip to local historic places. According to The National Register of Historic Places, "Almost every county in the United States has at least one place listed in the National Register." So take a trip and learn history with mom. You never know what you may find.

Life List

Help mom start or finish something she has always wanted to do but hasn't had the chance. If she wants to skydive, set her up with lessons and even take the plunge with her. Take her salsa dancing if she always wanted to learn. Let her earn her acting chops through an improve class or play her muse as she learns photography. Simple things such as learning to knit or taking cooking classed together will put a smile on her face. The key to helping her with something on her life list is to be with her while she does it.

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