Things to Do for a Girl's 16th Birthday

Written by natalie baker | 13/05/2017
Things to Do for a Girl's 16th Birthday
Celebrate her sweet sixteenth with a party to match her personality. (Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images)

A sweet 16th birthday is a milestone occasion in the life of a teenage girl that recognises the move into young adulthood. However, there can be pressure on parents to plan a celebration that she will never forget. Choosing an age-appropriate activity to please a teen girl and her friends depends upon understanding her tastes, hobbies and interests. From slumber parties to amusement parks, there are plenty of options available to suit even hard-to-please teens.

Pamper Party

Many teen girls enjoy experimenting with beauty products or make-up. Arrange a slumber party and allow her to invite a select number of her friends to stay over. Put together a small selection of basic beauty products such as face masks, nail varnishes or lip glosses that she and her guests can apply. Provide some healthy snacks such as crudités and dips to keep their energy levels up. The girls can also watch age-appropriate movies or select make-up looks from teen magazines to try out.

Amusement Park

A day at the amusement park will give a teen girl the opportunity to experience the latest rides and roller coasters with her friends. Check with the amusement park ahead of her birthday, as many offer discounts to minors or birthday parties. Most amusement parks also offer a wide selection of dining and fast food establishments where teens can get away from the rides for an hour, eat lunch and plan the rest of their afternoon.

Beach Party

There is plenty to do at a beach if you are lucky enough to have one nearby. Active girls can play volleyball, frisbee or have a dip in the sea if the weather is hot. For girls who prefer to take it easy, lounging around in the sun, chatting to friends and flicking through magazine may be all the activity she needs. Take the party into the early evening and cook over an open fire or pack a picnic for a celebratory birthday meal.

House Party

Turn your home into the ultimate party venue by hiring a DJ. Although many teens like the idea of visiting a nightclub, a party at home is a safer and more age-appropriate alternative for a sweet sixteenth birthday. Provide nonalcoholic "mocktails" to give the party a grown-up feel. Turn the event into a costume party or mini-prom and theme your invites, decorations or music accordingly.

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