Vinegar Bottle Types

Updated April 17, 2017

There are different types of vinegar bottles for different types of vinegar. Each bottle is selected by the vinegar seller either for practical reasons or to reflect the quality of the vinegar. Once you buy the vinegar, however, you can move it to any bottle that meets your needs.

Economy Size Bottle

Large plastic one-gallon jugs serve as economy-size containers for vinegar. Inexpensive white vinegar is the type most often found in these jugs on supermarket shelves, but special ordering will allow you to find one-gallon sizes of other types of vinegars, such as red wine vinegar, rice vinegar and apple cider vinegar. Buying vinegar in the economy size is good for those who use vinegar as a cleaner, for restaurants that go through a lot of vinegar at a time and for frugal consumers. A benefit of keeping vinegar in a plastic bottle is that the bottle is unlikely to break or shatter if dropped. Some people don't like to store vinegar in plastic bottles, because its acidity may cause the plastic to leech into the vinegar. However, household vinegar stored in plastic is generally considered safe for consumption.

Tall, Slender Bottle

Some vinegars are costly to make and highly regarded and are therefore sold in smaller amounts. Sometimes these vinegars are simply sold in small-sized bottles about 10 inches tall and two inches in diameter. However, tall, slender bottles are popular for high-quality and gourmet vinegars for two reasons. First, slender bottles look more graceful and therefore create a fancy image for the gourmet product being sold. Second, slender bottles give the illusion of being bigger than they are, so the higher prices on the fancy vinegar are less shocking to shoppers. Regardless of the reason, slender bottles are used to contain high-quality and speciality vinegars, including long-aged vinegars and herb-infused vinegars. Many of these bottles come with a plastic cap with a slit opening that helps regulate how much vinegar is poured at one time

Stout, Practical Bottle

Lots of everyday vinegar bottles leave out both pomp and frugality and opt instead for a practical glass bottle that is easy to store, pour and refill. These generally hold at least 473ml of fluid and are sturdy enough to withstand a short fall without breaking. These stout bottles become small at the mouth---about an inch in diameter--so you have more control while pouring. You might not put stout vinegar bottles on display next to your slender ones, but they fit well on a food storage shelf and can hold a lot more vinegar than they appear to. Some types of vinegar you'll find in these bottles are apple cider vinegar, malt vinegar and wine vinegar.

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