Christian Dinner Party Ideas

Updated July 20, 2017

Host a dinner party to help newly acquainted adult Christians to get to know each other in an environment that promotes Biblical virtues. A Christian dinner party facilitates spiritual fellowship, and you can hold the event in a private home or in a suitable space at your church. Like any other dinner party, a Christian fellowship dinner works well whether you have four or forty guests.

Pot Luck

The fundamental style of a pot luck dinner promotes fellowship, making it a good choice for this event. Since each guest is responsible for a dish, each must be sure to put adequate time and effort into her contribution so that the overall meal is a success. This type of community interaction is a vital part of Christian fellowship. Make sure everyone knows in advance that they need to bring a dish. Some pot lucks are total surprises and nobody knows who will bring what. Others are loosely planned by category, with each guest in charge of bringing something in a particular food group, such as a salad, dessert, appetizer, drink or entrée.


If you choose the pot luck dinner option, up the ante on the quality and creativity of the dishes your guests bring by holding a contest for the best dish. Have prizes on hand that suit the event, such as Bibles, Christian music and Christian books. Give several prizes for categories like "Best Presentation," "Best Dessert" and "Best Soup." If you'd like everyone to have a little something to take home, add runner-up prizes and party favours to the your party shopping list.

Bible Study

A simple way to connect a dinner party to Christian fellowship is to add a Bible study to the event. Either before or after the meal, study a passage of scripture that is appropriate to the event. The story of "The Last Supper" is an obvious choice but anything that suits the group is equally viable, such as a discussion of your pastor's sermon from the previous Sunday. The dinner then will be merely a supplement to the Christian fellowship, not the main event.

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