Ways for a Teenager to Make Money Online

Written by april ort | 13/05/2017
Ways for a Teenager to Make Money Online
Teens making money online (money makes money image by Andrey Andreev from Fotolia.com)

Teens have active social lives aside from school, which can often prevent them from holding down a regular job in order to make money. Before the Internet, mowing lawns, babysitting and running errands were the most common ways for teens to make a few extra bucks. However, the Internet now provides a vast array of financial opportunities available at your fingertips. Research a variety of ways to put cash in your pocket without crunching your social calendar.

Online Marketplaces

If you're like most teens, you probably have loads of video games, clothes, and trinkets filling up space in your closet. These items can provide a great way to make some extra dough. Internet auction sites and online marketplaces offer a free or inexpensive way to unload your unwanted goods.

Online Advertising

Advertise your babysitting or lawn care skills on websites such as Craigslist. Potential customers can find your ad by browsing through local listings. There are many sites that will let you advertise for free. Don't forget to check out the help wanted ads while you're there.

Internet Publishing

On the Internet, "content is king," which means that there is a constant need for fresh material that will help businesses draw visitors to their web sites. There are countless sites that will pay you for anything from how-to articles to instructional videos.

Digital Photography

Another portion of content that is in high demand are digital images. If you own a digital camera and enjoy experiencing the world through a lens, you might want to consider selling your photographs to online publishers. Rates vary depending on the quality and difficulty of the subject matter.

Designing Websites

Today's youth are far more technologically inclined than generations past. If you have website design skills, you can print off your own business cards highlighting your creative talent and pass them out to local businesses.

Design Personal Merchandise

A fun and exiting way to stack a little cash is to visit a website that allows you to put your own digital designs onto various merchandise, such as T-shirts and mugs. You can sell your personal creations on their website for a small cut of the profits.


Consider making and photographing some homemade crafts that you can sell via sites like Etsy. Friendship bracelets, sock puppets and ceramic figurines are just a few examples of craft items that can help replenish your depleted allowance.

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