50th Birthday Ideas for Men

Turning 50 is a huge milestone that deserves a special celebration. Reaching half a decade is a juncture in one's life that should definitely be commemorated. Consider the birthday honoree's likes and interests when deciding on any events to ensure the birthday will be enjoyed and remembered with fondness.

Roast Party

Host a roast for a birthday honoree with a sense of humour to celebrate a milestone birthday. Be sure your guest of honour can handle some good-natured ribbing before deciding on this type of event. Inform guests ahead of time so that they can prepare comedic material for the party. Appoint someone to announce each roaster, or hire a comedian to act as emcee and add some extra flair to the event. Set up a podium with a microphone for the roasters and emcee, and seat the honoree in a spot of prominence so the party guests can watch his reactions. Make sure to videotape the event to record the antics of the evening.

Skydiving or Other Extreme Sport

Turning 50 is a big life event that should be celebrated in a memorable way. Act a little bit crazy and enjoy the carefree feelings of youth by trying an extreme sport like skydiving. White water rafting, heli-skiing, snowboarding, scuba diving, parasailing or kitesurfing could also be considered. With only one life to live, enjoying it to the fullest should be the motto for this special birthday. Cross something off the "things to do before I die" list and overcome any previous objections by using this birthday as an excuse to experience something new, exciting and exhilarating.

1950s Party

Host a 1950s retro party to celebrate hitting the big 5-0. Make it a costume party to really get everyone in the spirit of the event. The birthday boy can come dressed as "the king" Elvis Presley who was at his lyrical heyday during the 1950s. Guests can come in poodle skirts, greaser gear, and other garb reminiscent of the era. Keep it authentic by serving guests root beer floats, milkshakes and banana splits. Play lively music and encourage dancing by hiring a dance teacher to teach guests the dance moves of the 50s. Set up a real motorcycle in or near the party and invite guests to pose by the chopper for a really cool photo op.

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