Slumber party games & ideas for 11 year old girls

Updated April 17, 2017

Preteen girls often request a slumber party to celebrate a birthday or another occasion. The ability to socialise with her friends all night is enough to make any 11 year old girl happy. Make the night even more fun by organising activities for your preteen and her friends to the enjoy while they try to stay up all night.

Sleeping Bag Sack Race

Separate the girls into two teams and have them stand in their sleeping bags. Mark off a section of the floor with a start and finish line and make sure to move any objects out of their path. When you say "go," the first two girls will jump in their sleeping bags to the finish line and then turn around and return to the start. When the first girl makes it back to the starting line, then next girl will jump her way to the finish line and come back again, repeating until all of the girls have had a chance. The team to finish first wins the game.

Sleeping Beauty

In the Sleeping Beauty game each girl takes a turn being Sleeping Beauty. She must lay still on the floor and pretend to be asleep while the other girls try to "wake" her by making her laugh. The girls can say funny things to Sleeping Beauty or make noises, but are not allowed to tickle or touch her. Once she finally laughs, she picks the next girl to be Sleeping Beauty and the game starts over again. Consider giving a small prize to the girls who keep from laughing for a full minute.

Movie Night

Your daughter and her friends will enjoy staying up all night watching their favourite movies. When the girls arrive for the party, take them to the video store and have them pick out a few movies to watch. You can also buy snacks and drinks. Make sure to only get movies with ratings that you have approved as acceptable with the other parents. Let the girls watch the movies and eat their snacks as long as they can stay awake.

Backyard Camping

Instead of having the girls sleep in the basement, consider setting up a few tents in your backyard for them to have their own camping slumber party. Give them plenty of snacks and drinks to keep them happy and a few flashlights so they can see. The girls can stay up telling ghost stories and having pillow fights until they fall asleep. Make sure the weather is warm enough so the girls stay comfortable and let the other parents know your plan to let the girls sleep outside in case they have any objections to the idea.

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