Wacky Hair Ideas for Kids

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether for Halloween, a costume party or just a crazy day of fun, wacky hairdos can turn a frown upside down. You can turn your child's hair into something scary, witty or simply outrageous with a few styling tools from your local retail outlet.

For Medium Hair

Turn medium-length hair into a wacky do with a hairbrush, styling gel and a rubber band. Gel the hair with a heavy-duty styling product and braid small sections very tightly to create braided spikes sticking out all over. Section the hair off randomly to make the style even wackier. Try parting in angles or "V" shapes. Use colourful rubber bands and ribbons or bows on the end of the braids to give it a final touch.

For Short Hair

Turn short hair into a wacky style with some hair gel and a blow dryer. Apply gel all over the head and run your fingers straight out from the head to create an allover wacky spike hairdo. Use the blow dryer to harden the gel quickly to hold it in place. Create some chunkier spikes by grabbing small sections of the gelled hair and twisting the ends together. Add a coloured rubber band to the ends of some of the chunks to make it colourful.

For Long Hair

Ponytails are a common style for girls with long hair. For a wacky hair day, make dozens of ponytails on one head. The more ponytails you part and create, the crazier the style becomes. Then add accessories to the mix. Try using different coloured ribbons or bows on each section. Add barrettes to the centres or tie shoe strings around them. Slide a straw through one and secure it with a rubber band.

Colour Sprays and Gels

Hairspray and hair gel are available in variable colours. These colours wash out in a single wash and can be used anytime to create a wacky style. Let your child add her colours. She can streak, make spots or shapes, or even paint a picture on her head using coloured gel. Or use a spray to cover larger areas of the head, such as the top or the ends. Some colours do not show up well on darker hair. Take this into consideration when purchasing the products.

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