Valentine Fellowship Ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

Valentine's Day offers as good an opportunity as any other day to gather together for fellowship. Expand the typical idea of love on Valentine's Day to include love of friends, family and neighbours. Ideas for Valentine's Day fellowship might include a church Valentine's Day dinner, a Valentine's Day teen gathering, and a novel dinner with friends.

Potluck Bible-Search Party

Church members find creative and meaningful reason to gather in fellowship. When Valentine's Day approaches, invite members to a potluck church dinner with a Valentine's Day biblical twist. Tell guests to bring a dish and their Bibles. After guests have settled in with their food, assign books of the Bible to pairs of guests. Each pair must find examples of love in the Bible. If, for example, a pair is given the Gospel of John, one example of love might be the wedding at Cana in John 2:1-11. This passage offers double the love. The wedding implies romantic love, and Jesus' miracle is a sign of God's love. After pairs have chosen their passages, gather around the table to share what everyone found.

Teen Social

Bring your teen and her friends together for a Valentine's Day social. Put out chips, soft drinks, cupcakes with pink and white icing and candy hearts. Let your teen choose the music. If you feel energetic, make root beer or Coke floats. You will feel comfortable knowing what your teenager and his friends are doing, and they will be entertained.

Family Valentine Gathering

If you have children, bring your family and a friend's family together for a Valentine's Day dinner. Begin at your home by giving the visiting family members paper valentines or other inexpensive valentine items. Share cocktails and soft drinks. Serve appetizers adults and children will enjoy. Sample vegetable pate with crackers, chips and dip, and fresh fruits and vegetables. After friendly fellowship, drive or walk to your friend's home for a main course, coffee and dessert. When you arrive at the second house, that family will give your family members their valentine offerings.

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