Ideas for a Girl's 16th Birthday

Updated February 21, 2017

Plan a sweet 16 party that includes a theme or activities that your guests will enjoy. Turning 16 is a milestone for most girls as it represents the age when a girl can get a driver's license and typically gains more responsibility and privileges. Celebrate in a manner that honours the birthday girl and includes her closest friends.

Sweet 16 Themes

Use "sweet" or "16" as the main idea for a sweet 16 party. The birthday girl's favourite candy can become the theme, backdrop, decorations and favours. Use the candy alone or combine the candy with another theme, such as a carnival with puffy candyfloss and give out candy as game prizes. Play songs that include the words "sweet," "candy" or other similar terms. Play off of her new age by centring everything around the number 16. For example, invite 16 guests (or 16 boys and 15 girls), group decorations in groups of 16 (flowers, balloons, etc.) and fill the favour bags with 16 items.

Beauty or Spa Parties

Take your teen and her friends to a day spa for manicures, pedicures and massages; or have a mobile spa come to you. A sleepover in a posh, luxury hotel with room service, fluffy robes and slippers might add to the experience. Beauty-themed parties could include professional makeovers and a photo shoot at a studio so the girls feel like super models for a day. Creative girls could make their own beauty and fashion magazine complete with before and after photos of each girls makeover.

Club, Dance or Music Parties

Turning 16 signifies a girl growing up, so create a grown-up party for your teen and her friends. Rent a nightclub, or turn your home into a nightclub with fog machines, strobe lights and any other special effects you desire. Serve mocktails, or fruity mixed drinks without alcohol, in stemware with little umbrellas. Set up a karaoke machine, hire a DJ, hire a live band or play multiplayer music-related video games such as Band Hero or Rock Band.


Plan an outing, such as your daughter and friends attending a concert via a limousine. Take your daughter and her friends on a shopping spree, or let it serve as mother-daughter bonding time. The shopping spree can be at your local mall, in New York City, Beverly Hills, Paris or anywhere your budget allows. Amusement parks, miniature golf, movies, plays or anywhere your daughter enjoys going, or wants to go.

Gift Ideas

Give a 16 year old girl something meaningful that she will treasure for years to come. If she's into gadgets or electronics, give her a new cell phone, iPod or MP3 player, laptop, digital camera, flat screen TV or the gadget that makes sense for her lifestyle and interests. If she's tired of her "little kid" bedroom, give her a budget to completely redecorate her bedroom according to her own taste. Set parameters, if necessary, such as "no black paint." Personalised jewellery, such as a necklace or ring that includes her initials or birthstone, can become a treasured gift. Purchase a car for her if it's within your budget, or gift her one-on-one driving lessons to facilitate her gaining her driver's license.

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