Easy Activities for an Elderly Birthday Party

Updated April 17, 2017

Throwing a birthday party for an elderly person takes careful consideration, even when deciding which games and activities you will feature. Choosing activities for the elderly requires you to gauge the attendees' activity and mental capabilities. Activities for elderly parties should not require much effort for the participants nor should they be complicated. Rather, activities that are sentimental or reminiscent of the attendees' younger years are more of a hit. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of games and activities to choose from when planning an elderly party.

Slide Show or Memory Book

Feature your guest-of-honour on the big screen by displaying images of her in a slide show, as suggested by the Easy Party Ideas and Games website. Either gather your own pictures of the party recipient, or ask that attendees bring in some from their collections. Turn down the lights and show the memorable pictures on the wall. Another option is to create a memory or scrapbook of the guest-of-honor's life. Pass the book around or place it on a table where guests are free to view and leaf through the book. Leave pens or markers nearby to allow the party guests to comment on the pictures.

Card Games

Your guest-of-honour likely played many card games when she was younger and bringing them to her party may allow her to take a step back in time. Poker, Go Fish, Old Maid and Gin are popular card games that your party guests likely know how to play. Set up a few tables and place a deck of cards or two on each and let your guests have some fun. To add some extra excitement, set up a tournament as recommended by the Party Supplies Hut website. Award a prize to the player who wins the most games.


Play tunes from yesteryear and allow your guests to sing to their hearts' content during a sing-a-long. Songs such as "Take Me Out to The Ballgame" and "And the Band Played On" are typically favourites of the elderly. Either play guitar or piano yourself as they sing or play songs from a CD or MP3 player.

Show a Movie

Watching a movie requires little exercise and is an excellent activity for an elderly birthday party. Show movies from your guests' heyday or films the guest of honour especially enjoys. The Easy Party Ideas and Games website recommends that good movies to choose from include those featuring Fred Astaire, Danny Kaye, Red Skeleton and Abbott and Costello. Supply your guests with normal movie fare, such as popcorn and candy.

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