10-Year Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Updated March 23, 2017

Reaching a 10th anniversary is a marriage milestone that couples not only celebrate with love, but also with gift giving. Diamonds are considered a girl’s best friend, but there are some gifts made of diamonds (the 10th anniversary gemstone) that are specifically designed for men. To keep within the modern and traditional themes of the anniversary, aluminium and tin gifts also are appropriate. Finding the perfect gift for him depends on his characteristics and preferences.

Tin or Pewter

Purchasing a tin gift may seem not quite as romantic as other gifts, but the way a wife customises the gift to fit her husband is what makes it special. If you're having a difficult time finding your husband a tin gift, consider substituting tin with pewter, an alloy that 85 to 95 per cent tin. Some pewter gifts include frames, plates and collectable figurines.

For a customised, romantic gift, you could write a poem or choose one (his favourite or a poem that symbolises your marriage), and have the poem printed and placed in a pewter frame.


Aluminium offers a variety of gift options. For instance, many men enjoy fishing. You can purchase aluminium fishing gear for your husband, a gift you know he will not only appreciate but actually use. An alternate for aluminium is stainless steel, which increases the options when shopping for a husband’s gift. Aluminium grilling tools, pocket knives, Swiss-style knives, flasks, key chains, luggage tags and other handy gifts can be purchased in aluminium and stainless steel.

Some gifts can be personalised. Grilling spatulas, forks, basting brushes, aprons and other grilling tools can include engraving and inscriptions on the tools. You can have your husband’s name, initials, nickname or other identification put on his tools, or even the anniversary date.

Diamond Gifts

To stay within tradition, purchase him a gift made from diamonds. Diamonds can be expensive, but this is a special milestone in your marriage. Diamond watches, cufflinks and other jewellery can be worn by a man time and time again.

If you want to be unique with the diamond theme, incorporate diamonds into his favourite music, film or other forms of entertainment. For instance, for a husband that is a music lover, surprise him with a Neil Diamond CD or concert tickets (if applicable), or another musician that is associated with the word diamond.

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