Viking Costume Ideas

Written by sameerah blue | 13/05/2017
Viking Costume Ideas
Boy in Viking costume (Steve Baccon/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Wearing a Viking costume to your next event can be empowering and daring. Because the Vikings engage in brutal warfare, wearing a Viking costume can awaken your own warrior spirit, emboldening you to pillage snack tables and demand large cups of ale in honour of your accomplishment. Becoming a Viking for a day is splendid way to be creative and go a little wild.

Viking Warrior

Viking Costume Ideas
Viking warriors (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Despite being a community of farmers, Vikings are associated with their brutality on the battlefield. This fearsome reputation is what makes the Viking warrior a popular costume. A Viking warrior traditionally wears a white cotton tunic that is covered with a dark-coloured cotton that keeps the Viking warm. The tunic should hit at the lower thigh, but it can be as long as the knees for a more modest look. A large belt holds the two pieces of cotton together, and the belt can serve as a holster for your sword. A horned helmet, spear or cape completes the image of savage warrior.

Mythological Heroes

Viking Costume Ideas
Men dressed as Thor (Donald Bowers/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)

Viking mythology includes heroes and villains that make for magnificent costumes. Thor, the God of lightening is among the more recognisable figures in Viking mythology, featured in comic books and feature films since the 1960s. Thor's costume will require the same white tunic; however, instead of wearing a cape over the tunic, he wears a warrior’s breastplate. In addition to his sword, Thor carries a hammer that he uses to strike lightening. You can also accent the outfit with a cape and a horned helmet.

The Fat Lady Sings

Viking Costume Ideas
Fat singing Viking (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Poke fun at the "fat singing Viking" stereotype by going as a Viking opera singer. You can purchase singing Viking costumes prepackaged at costume stores and online. Prepackaged Viking costumes usually contain a fat suit, long dress, blond wig and horned helmet. To make the costume extra silly, add fake breasts and a metal bra.

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