Games to Play at Candle Parties

Written by drea christopher | 13/05/2017
Games to Play at Candle Parties
Incorporate candles into entertaining games at candle parties. (potted candles image by citylights from

If you're hosting a direct-sales candle party in your home or work as a demonstrator for a company that sells candles, devise an assortment of games to keep party guests entertained when they're not examining new products or placing orders. Provide prizes for the candle-themed games, such as a discount on a current order, a pretty candle holder or a grab bag featuring small scented candles.

Introduction Icebreaker

Help guests get to know one another better with a simple game to break the ice. Hand one guest a candle and have her introduce herself, explain how she knows the party hostess and name one place she likes to display candles in her home or describe a creative candle centrepiece idea. Ask her to hand the candle to another guest and repeat the process until each guest has had a chance to speak.

Before the party, write one random place to display a candle and one random candle centrepiece idea, such as surrounding a pillar candle with fresh flowers, on a piece of paper. Award a prize to the first guest to mention one of these ideas.

Scent Challenge

Test the guests' knowledge of scented candles. Give each guest a pencil and a piece of paper numbered from one to 10. Number 10 candles featuring different scents from one to 10. Pass the candles around the room and ask the guests to smell each candle and write the name of the scent beside the corresponding number on the answer sheet. Give small prizes, such as a portion of the 10 candles used in the game, to the guests who have the most correct answers.

Candle Talk

Keep guests on their toes and encourage them to pay attention to one another with a humorous party game that rewards good listening skills. As each guest arrives, hang a tag featuring a candle sticker around her neck with string. Choose a candle-themed word such as "votive," "light," "wick," "pillar" or "wax." Tell the guests the word that you've chosen and tell them to avoid saying the word throughout the event. If one guest hears another saying the word, she can take that guest's tag to place around her neck. Give a prize to the guest wearing the most tags at the end of the candle party.

Treasure Hunt

If you don't mind the guests exploring the various rooms in your home, set up a candle "scavenger hunt." Place one to five small candle-themed prizes in gift bags labelled from one to five. Find five candles displayed throughout your house and place a number sticker on the bottom of five of them. Set the guests loose in the house. When a guest finds a candle with a number sticker on the bottom, instruct him to bring the candle to you to collect the prize bag with the corresponding number.

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