Prayer crafts for kids

Updated November 22, 2016

The Bible is filled with verses about the importance of prayer for Christians, such as in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 where it says, "Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you." While prayer is always a part of Sunday school, it is a good idea to make prayer the focus of the entire lesson several times per year. Prayer-themed crafts can help reinforce the lessons learnt and serve as a reminder to pray when the child sees them at home later in the week.

The Lord's Prayer Puzzle

Prepare for the craft by printing the Lord's Prayer onto coloured paper. You will also need construction paper, glue, scissors, brown lunch bags and markers. After teaching about the Lord's Prayer, pass out the copies of the prayer you printed. Allow each child to glue the prayer to a sheet of construction paper in a contrasting colour so that the construction paper makes a frame around the prayer. Let the children colour and decorate the frame. When they are done decorating, cut each child's artwork into approximately six puzzle pieces. Allow them to play with the puzzles before bagging them up and labelling each one with the child's name to take home.

Prayer Book

Fold several sheets of construction paper in half to create a book. You can prepare these ahead of time and create binding with a needle and thread or a stapler. Each child will decorate the cover of the book by drawing a self-portrait. Older children can write their names and "Prayer Book" on the front but you will need to help younger kids complete this task. On each page of the books, have the children write down something that they should pray for. Most children will list family members, pets and toys so try to get them to think bigger, reminding them of teachers, missionaries and others who could use their prayers. Once they have something listed on each page, have them go back and draw pictures to match the list they have made. Remind them to take their list out each night before bed to pray for the people in their prayer book.

Stained Glass Praying Hands

This craft requires white construction paper, glue, paintbrushes, multicoloured tissue paper, as well as a template of praying hands cut out of black paper or multiple copies of a photograph of praying hands. Tear the tissue paper into small pieces. Allow the children to paint the glue onto construction paper and then stick the tissue paper on the page. Show them how to smooth out each piece to get the effect of stained glass. Give them plenty of time to completely cover the construction paper. When they are done, glue your black construction paper or photographs of praying hands to the centre of the "stained glass." Tell the children to hang it on the wall in their room or on the fridge to remind them to take time every day to fold their hands and pray.

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