Activities for young couples to do together

As a young couple, you want to go out and do something fun but you may find yourself limited by your lack of cash or lack of ideas. Not every date or activity has to be super-romantic or expensive. With some thoughtfulness and a little research, activities that you and your other half do together can reasonably priced and fun, too.

Have a Picnic

Prepare a basket of food on your own or with your date and go to a favourite park or discover a new one. If your date is an outdoor enthusiast, pack picnic items into a backpack and go on a short hike and then eat. Remember to pack beverages, a blanket, flatware, plates, napkins, cups, a bag for your garbage and, if needed, a map.

Check Out an Art Walk

Many cities or neighbourhoods sponsor an art walk once a month. This is a time where local artists display their creations in stores galleries downtown or in an arts district. The shops and galleries displaying the work often sell the art on the artist's behalf and provide free finger foods and beverages.

Movie Marathon

Movie marathons are easy to plan and can be very laid back. Fun movie marathon ideas include watching zombie movies, the best of the worst B movies, movies that star a favourite actor, 3-D movies and so on. Have plenty of snacks and comfortable seating. During an intermission, take your date to a convenience store to buy candy, soft drinks or snacks that are silly or nostalgic.

Fondue Night

Check the telephone directory or look online for a restaurant that offers fondue as an entrée and/or dessert. Fondue is a style of dining in which a person can dip food into cheese or chocolate, depending on what is ordered. Some fondue restaurants also allow diners to cook seafood, vegetables and/or meat in broth or oil, which can be accompanied with a dipping sauce. This type of dining may be a new experience for your date, so it will provide a lot of new memories.

Learn Something New Together

If there is an activity you both have wanted to try, take a class together. People who like to cook can take a one-day cooking class at a local culinary institute or retail store that offers lessons. Always wanted to learn how to decorate a cake? Craft and fabric stores offer such classes throughout the year. For those who are a bit more adventurous, a rock-climbing class at a gym or even a guided kayak or hiking tour could be perfect. Taking a class together can help you and your date learn new things about each other and skills you can build upon together.


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