Belgium Waffle Places in London

Updated April 17, 2017

In a city renowned for its thriving food culture and breathtaking sites, it's no surprise how many attractions London has to offer. But whether you're savouring a hearty English breakfast before catching a panoramic glimpse of the city's splendour on the London Eye, lunching amid Hyde Park's beautiful greenery or dining at a romantic eatery overlooking historic Tower Bridge, make sure to leave room for one of London's many mouthwatering Belgian waffle shops trickling throughout the city. After all, the choices in London are virtually endless, and as always, right at your fingertips.

Load of Waffle

Walking down the Ealing Broadway Tube Station, you might just encounter a heavenly whiff of hot Belgian waffles cooking at this tiny red-awning take away shop. At Load of Waffle (with a befitting shop name), "waffle dressings" include toppings like chocolate spread, fruity jams, and an assortment of ice cream flavours. And if a waffle isn't all you'd fancy to satisfy your sweet tooth, Load of Waffle also has a variety of pastries and other sweet nibbles. And although there's only a stool or two in the shop, you can always grab your waffle and walk across the street, enjoying every warm bite whilst sitting on London's Haven Green lawn.

The Broadway Ealing Broadway London W5 2PH United Kingdom +44-20-8579-0222

The Belgian Food Company

Specialising in authentic Belgian waffles caramelised with sugar, The Belgian Food Company may be a rather tiny take away spot, but could very well be the fitting place for your on-the-go breakfast (or any hour of the day) stop. With other offerings such as their wide variety of ice cream flavours made from scratch, a selection of fruit toppings, and generous supply of their popular Belgian hot chocolate and milkshakes, you may find this little "distinctly all blue" waffle stand a little tough to pass up. Enjoy every morsel whilst strolling along bustling Oxford Street's many fashion shopping havens.

The Belgian Food Company 369 Oxford Street, Marylebone London, W1C 2JW United Kingdom +44-20-7629-8178

The Waffle Place

Exiting the Tottenham Court Road Tube Station, you might pass by this freshly made Belgian waffle house with ample seating so you can relax, unwind, and devour as many waffles of your choosing. Making sure to cover all waffle house grounds, The Waffle Place carries a premium selection of ice cream and succulent sorbets, Belgian chocolate spread, and fruit to top off your waffles. And if you're looking to properly quench your thirst, The Waffle Place carries real fruit smoothies made on request, freshly squeezed juiced, and gourmet ground coffees.

The Waffle Place 40-42 Oxford St. London, W1D 1BB United Kingdom +44-20-7636-9099

Dudley's Pancake House

For strict pancake and waffle lovers, Dudley's Pancake House could very well be the "spot on" sugary, scrumptious refuge. Offering notable, award-winning pancakes and Belgian waffles, Dudley's Pancake House may be a quaint little restaurant with a quirky decor of some neon lights and cartooned artwork, but the real punch is in its sweet delicious batches of heaven. Of course, it also makes sure to provide a selection of toppings, as well as pancakes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. And if you find yourself fancying other kinds of cravings it also offers American-style milkshakes and fresh, gourmet bagels.

Dudley's Pancake House 119 Stroud Green Road London, N4 3PX United Kingdom +44-20-7281-5437


For an all-around, strictly Belgian delight, Brouge serves traditional dishes in a cosy, authentic Belgian cellar house-style restaurant, offering not only 40 selections for beer lovers, including a world beer menu but a widely popular plate of their famously thick Belgian waffles topped with rich chocolate mousse dressing, or cinnamon and triple chocolate. As you enjoy every bite whilst basking in Brouge's intimately informal atmosphere, you may also want to give a whirl at its other desserts including its strawberry meringue glace topped with fresh strawberries, and a warm chocolate fondue with vanilla biscuits and seasonal fruits.

Brouge 5 Hill St., Richmond London TW9 1SX United Kingdom +44-20-8332-0055

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