Under the sea crafts for kids

Updated February 21, 2017

Kids can create their own underwater world with some oceanic crafts. Sea-themed crafts are useful for teaching children more about the hidden world of the ocean. Under-the-sea crafts make good decorations for a child's room--and some make tasty snacks. These crafts are hands-on learning fun for children who love sea creatures.

Ocean Diorama

Accompany your child online, or flip through magazines, and help him select images of animals found under the sea. Smaller children enjoy images of crab, octopus and fish. Print or cut those images out. Your child should decorate a shoebox inside and out, making sure the interior is lined with blue construction paper. The blue paper interior will be the watery backdrop for the sea creatures. Turn the box on its side, so the bottom is now the back. Glue some of the cut-outs in place against the backdrop and suspend the rest of the sea creatures in the diorama using yarn.

Decorate the "floor" of the ocean with small rocks, shells and strips of construction paper made to look like ocean plants or cut to look like a coral formation. Set the diorama somewhere your child will enjoy seeing it everyday.

Aquarium Snacks

This craft is edible and sure to be a hit with kids. Help your child mix up some blue gelatin that has a fruit flavour. Pour the gelatin into clear plastic cups or a clear glass bowl. With clean fingers, your child should poke in gummy fish, octopus and sharks. Let him arrange the snacks to create an under the sea aquarium that is sweet to eat. When he has finished arranging the sea creatures, he can share the snack with friends.

Dough Crabs

Fill a box lid with shredded green crepe paper. This is to look like seaweed on the ocean floor. Give your child an image of a comical crab to use as a guide while he sculpts his own. He will need modelling dough to craft a crab or two to place in the seaweed. Your child needs red and blue craft paint and some paint brushes to paint the crabs. Give him some googly craft eyes and glue so he can add the eyes to his crabs. When the crabs are dry, let him arrange them in the seaweed.

Sea Creature Mobile

Use a hanger, some fishing line and your child's sea creature crafts to make this craft. Provide him with a template of fish, lobster, starfish and sharks if needed. Have your child colour --or create his own--sea creature pictures. The pictures should be coloured front and back. Cut out each image and punch a hole in the top of each. Hang the images with fishing line from the hanger. Cut the fishing line in varying lengths. Cut several lengths of blue crepe paper to hang from the hanger. Mix it around the sea creatures to simulate water.

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