Anniversary Engraving Ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

Engraved anniversary gifts make lasting impressions on both husbands and wives. Your spouse will remember the day you gave her an engraved message that reminds you both of the values holding you together. Anniversaries on which you can give engraved gifts include, but are by no means limited to, your first, fifth and 10th anniversaries.

First Anniversary

Paper is the traditional first anniversary gift, but gold jewellery is an alternate gift, according to Give your bride an key locket engraved with, "You still have the only key to my heart." Give your groom a gold money clip engraved with, "Love holds us closer than our very breath."

Fifth Anniversary

When a couple celebrates their fifth anniversary, possibilities for engraved gifts open up. According to, silverware makes an acceptable alternate gift. Give each other fine silverware engraved with your last initial. Add a flatware chest with a silver plate also engraved with your initial. With every meal, you'll see evidence of your commitment to each other.

Tenth Anniversary

Tin may not seem like the most romantic metal to give for your 10th anniversary. Pewter and platinum, though, make fine engraved gifts. Give your husband a pewter stein engraved with, "I still drink you in like the day we married." Give your wife a platinum bracelet studded with a blue sapphire---an alternate 10th anniversary stone. Engrave the words, "My love shines brighter than the stars."

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