Baptism Gifts for Adults

Updated March 23, 2017

When an adult is baptised, the moment has spiritual impact. Honour a friend or family member's religious decision with a gift that reflects the value of the day. Gifts for an adult baptism might include a baptism candle, book of daily devotions, cross, or Bible with a Christian bookmark.

Baptism Candles

Baptism candles make thoughtful and spiritual gifts. According to the website Fish Eaters, newly baptised Catholics receive a small baptismal candle lit from the Paschal candle. These candles symbolise Christ's body, soul and divinity (see Reference 1). Baptismal candles come in pink and blue and can be engraved with the recipient's name and baptism date. Adults can keep a gift candle and their official baptismal candle together.

Devotional Readings

When an adult makes a conscious decision to become baptised, she takes an important step on her spiritual journey. Give a newly baptised adult a book of daily devotions to guide her throughout the year with wisdom and support. When your friend or family member reads each day's devotion, she will recall you with gratitude and love. More importantly, your she will be inspired to meditate and pray along her spiritual path.


Keepsake Bibles and family Bibles give newly baptised adults a gift that reflects their faith journey. Keepsake Bibles can be as ornate or as elegantly simple as you like. If you give a family Bible, the recipient will have a valuable place to record all of his family events and a loving record to pass on to future generations. Give a leather-bound Bible engraved with his name, date of baptism, and the name of the church where the baptism occurred.

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