Fun last minute anniversary ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Anniversaries do not always need to be planned out in order to be successful and fun. Some of the most enjoyable ideas will be spur-of-the-moment. Last-minute ideas often come from the heart and reflect the moment, more so than pre-planned ideas. Let the love and romance of the day move you into an idea that is lighthearted and fun for you and your spouse.


If you did not intend to celebrate your anniversary dining out at an exclusive restaurant, this can be used to your advantage. Pick up the ingredients to a favourite home-cooked meal, or simply the ingredients for some homemade cookies. Bring the selected items home and spend some time with your spouse cooking a meal or dessert together. This could transform into silly and fun time spent together that doesn't require more than an hour's planning. Chat or laugh as you cut vegetables or douse the cookie mix in chocolate chips. Enjoy each other's company and when cooking is complete, enjoy the food.

Long Drive

Grab some snacks, such as cheese and crackers or fruit and perhaps a bottle of wine. Many liquor vendors sell wine in glass-sized mini-bottles, which will be ideal for this occasion since many states don't allow you to drive with re-corked wine bottles. Munch on the food as you drive to a romantic location, such as a park, lake or beach. Once out of the car, lay out a blanket for the two of you to cuddle together on, sip the wine out of plastic cups and watch the sun go down. This anniversary date can be easily thrown together with a quick trip to the store and will be a delightful surprise for your spouse.

Play Together

Spend the afternoon or evening playing a sport or hobby that you both enjoy. Throw together some sandwiches with a couple water bottles and grab a baseball, basketball, soccer ball or whatever equipment you need for your favourite activity. This does not have to be something you're both good at. If your husband enjoys golf but you have never touched a club, this could be a fun opportunity for him to teach you how to swing at a local driving range. Whether you end up kicking around a soccer ball or driving golf balls, playing together will likely be an enjoyable escape from the monotony of the average week.

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