Money making hobbies and ideas

Written by pamela gardapee | 13/05/2017
Money making hobbies and ideas
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Many money making hobbies and ideas have helped people become entrepreneurs in the business world. You can use a hobby to make money by creating and selling the items that you have created. The more you create the more money you can make when you know how and where to sell your creations.


Hobbyists that enjoy taking photos can sell the digital photos online. There are websites where you can upload your photos and charge a price for each download. People looking for stock photography to use on a website or blog can buy a copy of one of your photos. Shutterstock is just one such site. You could also print your digital photos to make cards or matt and frame them to sell from your own website or on eBay.

Treasure Hunting

If you like going to garage sales and thrift stores, you can make money by selling the treasures you find. Coloured glassware, old LPs, collector plates, bells, hardly used clothing and home furnishings---all of these items can be sold at a flea markets or online on an auction website such as eBay. Items that cost you a small sum could be valuable to someone else.


Hobbyists who enjoy tracing family histories can make money by making their services available to friends or friends of friends. Once the word gets out that you have created a full family history for someone, people will be willing to pay to have their own family histories researched. By using a genealogy website such as for a monthly fee, you can find information such as obituaries, distant family members, census records and newspaper clippings about people you are looking for online. You can also make use of search engines and public libraries.


Barbie doll clothes, decorative kitchen towels, baby bibs and anything else that you sew quickly can make money. Whatever your craft speciality, you can sell the fruits of your labour at craft fairs, flea markets or online at auction websites.

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