Astronaut Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Updated February 21, 2017

In the eyes of a child, an astronaut is a very admirable profession. The idea of blasting off into space and becoming weightless sparks vivid imaginations, leading many children to dream about being astronauts themselves one day. Encourage this dream by helping them to create one of several astronaut-themed craft projects from paper plates.

Orbiting Astronaut

Children can create an astronaut-themed craft project while learning about the important principle of orbit. Start by teaching the child what it means when an object is in orbit around another. Paint a paper plate to look like the earth, the moon or a planet. Draw an astronaut on a piece of poster board. Cut out the astronaut. Poke a hole in the centre of the planet with a sharp pencil. Cut a small, rectangular strip out of the poster board, making sure it is long enough to stick 3 to 4 inches above the plate at its centre. Glue the astronaut to one end of this strip and attach the other to the centre of the paper plate planet using a brass brad. This allows the astronaut to orbit around the planet when turned.

Flying Saucer With Astronaut

For a fun craft that kids can play with after it is complete, create a flying saucer with astronaut. Take two paper plates, preferably deep ones, and glue or staple them together with both the bottoms facing outward. Draw a small picture of an astronaut on a piece of poster board or paper and cut out. Attach a domed cup lid, commonly found at coffee shops on drinks where whipped cream is used, to the top centre of the paper plates. Position the astronaut inside his cockpit by sticking him through the hole of the lid. Decorate the plates with paint, tin foil, stickers or any other desired objects. Take it for a test flight by throwing like a frisbee.

Astronaut Helmet

Create an astronaut's head in his helmet using a paper plate. Take a large paper plate and cut the centre out of it, leaving only the outside rim. Paint the rim silver and add any type of decoration that might be found on an astronaut helmet, such as a name or country flag. On a small paper plate, draw a face and cover the plate with cling film to create the effect of an enclosed helmet. Place the silver rim on top of the small plate and attach with glue or staples.

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