Stronghold Legends Cheats

Written by eric benac
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Stronghold Legends Cheats
Relive medieval times in "Stronghold Legends." (purple knight galloping image by Karen Hadley from

"Stronghold Legends" is a real-time strategy PC game that takes place in a fantasy realm. You can control three different figures and their armies: King Arthur, Vlad the Impaler and Siegfried. Each includes three different landscapes, castles and missions. The game features 24 missions, a map editor and four-player simultaneous play.

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Easy Money

Money is vital to your success in "Stronghold Legends." This cheat will get you quick and easy money. When you start a scenario, look through your list of stockpiles. Find one that costs no money to build. This varies depending on the scenario, so pay attention. Build it and let the stockpile grow. Once it is filled with grain, sell it. You will get a huge boost in gold. Do this trick as often as you like to build up a huge stockpile of money. This can help you build bigger, stronger buildings and stronger and more advanced weapons and troops. Your opponent won't know how you got so many troops so quickly.

Quick Peasants

Peasants are vital, as they build buildings, gather resources, repair damaged buildings and can even serve as a last-minute, desperate army when sent en masse. They cost money to create, but there is an easy cheat to get quick and free peasants. The secret is to have a good alignment. Your alignment changes depending on your actions in the game. If you do good things, like save innocent villagers, your alignment improves. If you slaughter innocent villagers, it goes down. Use your Mounted Knight spell. This will create a group of free knights. It will cost a little magic, which comes back over time. Disband the knights and they will become peasants.

Enchanted Orbs

One of the most important aspects of this and any strategy game is defence. A good defence can scatter most offences, no matter how strong. When you are playing as Arthur, you have a definite advantage with your Enchanted Orbs. These orbs will attack anything that comes near them, killing them almost immediately. Set these up near choke points, such as a bridge or a mountain pass. This especially works on Dragon Island. However, they can be used throughout the game by creating a siege camp and clicking on the camp to create the orbs. Place on one each side of the choke point and watch your enemies vaporise. Be careful not to let your units get too close to the orbs. They don't differentiate between units and will vaporise yours as well.

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