Aztec Arts & Crafts for Kids

Updated February 21, 2017

The Aztecs were a Native American tribe that settled in what is now Mexico during the 13th century. They were conquered by the Spanish in the 16th century after establishing an advanced civilisation throughout the 1400s and 1500s. Learn more about the fascinating Aztec culture with these art and craft projects for kids.

Aztec Timeline

Find information about the rich Aztec culture online or at the library then draw a timeline on a long sheet of butcher paper and fill in important events in Aztec and world history. Draw pictures next to your entries to illustrate the events. You can also copy images from books, or print them from a computer to further illustrate and decorate the timeline.

Aztec Life in Art

Research the lives of the Aztec people online or at the library. Make a drawing, painting, collage, sculpture or other piece of artwork that depicts the life of an Aztec. Include anything that interests you or seems important, such as their family life, work, food or religious practices.

Quetzal Toilet Paper Roll

The Quetzal, Guatemala's present-day national bird, was admired by the Aztecs, who valued its shining green tail feathers as an important symbol of wealth. Unfortunately, the majestic Quetzal is near extinction today. Find a picture of a Quetzal online, or in a book or encyclopedia. Cover a cardboard toilet paper roll with green construction paper and glue it in place. Use construction paper to cut out wings, a head and other parts of the bird and glue them onto the roll to make your own model of the Quetzal.


Develop a motif based on Aztec themes. Motifs are repeated images that represent a recurring theme. Research Aztec symbolism and draw some simple line images that show symbols that were important to the Aztec culture such as jaguars, monkeys, snakes, dogs, people and their gods. Come up with a design that you think symbolises something the Aztecs valued.

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