Ideas for ninth wedding anniversary gifts

Updated February 21, 2017

Celebrate your ninth wedding anniversary with a traditional gift of pottery or willow, or a modern gift of leather. Poppies and lapis lazuli also are symbols of the ninth anniversary. Use these symbols as inspiration to find the right gift for your partner, or give a gift that combines the symbols.


Pottery gifts can include much more than a simple pot. Share a new experience--take a pottery class together. Or, take a class to learn how to make a pottery gift box for your partner. Write love notes and put them inside the box. Collect nine pieces of pottery from different regions you have visited together, or use the pieces to map out a trip you have planned. Personalise a pair of ceramic mugs--you can even make them yourself--to symbolise your plan to start each day together, even if it's only to share a quick cup of coffee.


Plant a willow tree together. Watch it grow, just as you continue to grow together as a couple. If you don't have a yard, choose a picture or piece of personalised artwork that depicts a willow tree. Select a picnic basket that features woven willow. Fill it with your favourite food and have a romantic picnic for two. Add champagne and chocolates for dessert. Tie the willow and pottery ideas together--give your spouse a vase or pot with a willow tree painted on it. Plant a curly willow in the pot.


Choose from a variety of leather items for a modern anniversary gift. Choose matching leather jackets and leather gloves. This idea works well for couples who enjoy riding motorcycles together. Fine leather shoes and handbags may be good gift ideas if your wife loves accessories. For a risqué present, include leather lingerie. Give your partner a gift he can use every day, such as a monogrammed leather wallet, leather-bound books or journals, leather desk sets, a watch with a leather band or leather furniture. For a romantic gift, include nine leather roses, or a leather keepsake box or pouch holding an anniversary ring.


Give your partner a bouquet of poppies, or nine pottery vases holding poppies. Send your spouse a flower arrangement every day for eight days leading up to your anniversary. Deliver the ninth bouquet yourself on your anniversary. Plant poppies in your garden to commemorate your anniversary.


Select jewellery that includes lapis lazuli, such as earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, a ring, cuff links, a money clip or a key chain. Lapis lazuli, which is semi-precious, is a brilliant, shimmery blue gemstone. The stone typically is paired with sterling silver or gold. Lapis lazuli is the stone of friendship and truth, according to, and the stone "is said to encourage harmony in relationships."

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